• The holidays are usually a time of joy and a time of family celebrations. However, it can bring about mixed feelings and emotions! The holidays can be quite exciting, exhilarating as well as quite challenging. During the holidays, maintaining boundaries … Continue reading →
  • During the winter holidays, it is a time to celebrate and get together with family and friends. However, for many people it is a stressful time of the year. The stress and pressure may come from unrealistic expectations for you … Continue reading →
  • When you develop your psychotherapy website, it is important to distinguish yourself from others. How do you do that? There are several ways. 1- Carve-out a specialty. Choose an area that you have a passion for or a major interest. … Continue reading →
  • We are living in a rapidly changing world in the 21st century. We are in the digital age with the internet, facebook, linkedIn, skype, twitter, google +, and utube. We need to look at our own reluctance to “change” and … Continue reading →
  • I conduct four week workshops on marketing a private psychotherapy practice. I believe some psychotherapists have resistance to promoting themselves. The groups encourage and inspire psychotherapists to network, expand, and sustain their practice in the digital age.
  • It is valuable to carve out a specialty in developing a private psychotherapy practice. Specialties can be: substance abuse, eating disorders, divorce, divorce mediation, depression, loss and grief, intimacy issues, relationship issues, and interpersonal conflicts. There are many specialties to … Continue reading →
  • The Digital Age has helped clinicians expand their private practice. One can generate new referrals and expand a practice by networking, doing presentations, developing a website, and utilizing a social network. Carve out a specialty!

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