"It is a pleasure to give Linda Beeler a well earned 5 Stars rating! She helped me with many issues in young adulthood, after moving to NYC, and she is helping me once again. My husband and I reached out to Linda and her wonderful husband, Harold who specialized in mediation , to help us with our marriage. They have done a great job and Linda is caring, skillful and an amazing person.
-M.P. New York 2014

"I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is looking to market and expand their private practice. She has a wealth of ideas and her knowledge on marketing your practice in the Internet age is invaluable. She is extremely personable and has the skills to help each person excel in their area of expertees."
- Karen Lewis, LCSW

I think Linda's workshops are wonderful, and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who is hoping to build or reenergize a practice. I signed up for the first one, and I requested a follow-up group, because it was so helpful. Linda created a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, where we all tried to help each other.
I think anyone would benefit from the group, and this is a time when it is hard to build or maintain a practice because of the economic downturn..
-Linda Meyer, LCSW

"I have had the opportunity and great pleasure of being a supervisee of Linda Beeler, LCSW., through my affiliation with two psychoanalytic institutes. Linda is a bright, intuitive, and supportive supervisor. As a therapist I am quite assured of the fact that she can help clients with a range of issues, in a caring and present manner. Her skill, sensitivity, and humor make her the kind of therapist that anyone would benefit from working with her."
- Linda Schechter, LCSW

" Linda is a highly seasoned, skilled psychotherapist who has recently expanded her practice by developing workshops for clinicians who are interested in learning the tools for developing their psychotherapy practices."
-Sharon Mariner, LCSW

"Linda is a sensitive and skillful therapist. Her gentle nature and intuitive understanding combined with her integrated knowledge base make her a superb therapist and supervisor."

-Libby Kessman, LCSW

"I studied with Linda in a reading group and experienced her as thoughtful, reflective and intuitive."
-Sandra Sinicropi, Psychotherapist LCSW

"Linda is a very skilled clinician and psychotherapy supervisor."
-Bruce Berman, Ph.D.

"I would highly recommend Linda Beeler, LCSW. Linda is a kind, compassionate person with expert knowledge in all areas of psychology."
-Theresa Westlake

"Linda is a skillful practitioner and a supportive and challenging supervisor. I learned much from her as a beginning psychotherapist. She is caring and compassionate, as well as a thoughtful and patient mentor."
Amy Bentley Lamborn

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