Therapy for Anxiety and Depression

Psychotherapy for Anxiety And Depression
Are you Anxious? Depressed? Tense? You can alleviate anxiety, sadness, and stress.

I am an experienced New York Psychotherapist  who maintains a New York City private practice on the Upper Westside of Manhattan.I provide individual psychotherapy and couples counseling. My  specialties are helping patients reduce  anxiety, sadness, stress, and depression.  You do not have to be alone with these feelings of anxiety, tension, stress, and depression.

How to identify feelings of anxiety.

Do you have symptoms of  anxiety? Anxiety is a normal reaction to many of life's obstacles and struggles. Anxiety encompasses symptoms of  fears,  tension, obsessive thoughts, ruminations, restlessness, and  nervousness. Anxiety is a normal part of life. If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety,  we can work together to identify the triggers of your anxiety to help you cope better and be more effective with your decision making process.

How to identify feelings of depression.

Do you have symptoms of depression?  The symptoms of depression can include disappointment,  grief, saddness, hopelessness, unhappiness, crying spells, lack of motivation, loneliness, emptiness,  helplessness, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and irritability.  Depression can interfere with your ability to work, concentrate, and socialize with friends and family.  If you have symptoms of depression, I can  help you reduce these symptoms and identify the underlying reasons for the depression. My goal would be to help you cope more effectively with the depression.  We could work together on helping you feel less overwhelmed, more hopeful, happier, and live a more meaningful satisfying  life. Make a postive life change! 

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