Divorce Mediator

I am a New York Divorce Mediator who was trained at The Center For Mediation and Training. With over 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist in New York City and as a graduate from Columbia School of Social Work specializing in the mental health field, I am an experienced psychotherapist wtih advanced post-graduate training in psychodyanmic psychotherapy. My specialty is treating couples who are
divorcing and assist them with the interpersonal conflicts and improving communication. I help clients alleviate tensions, frustrations, and anger in order to help resolve conflicts and make constructive decisions related to their divorce. I work with parenting issues, child support, custody issues, relcoation, equitable distribution of property, and post-divorce decisions. I am a compassionate divorce mediator and skillful in helping divorcing spouses express their needs, interests, and future goals.

Divorce mediation is a nonadversarial alternative to traditional divorce litigation. Divorce mediators do not take sides or impose solutions. They are impartial third parties who help divorcing spouses identify their post-divorce needs and explore all available options. The result is an agreement which the parties themselves have created to meet their own unique needs and interests.There are many advantages to divorce mediation. It enables couples themselves to decide all issues involved in the dissolution of a marriage including the distribution of property, post divorce parenting, child support and spousal maintenance. It is confidential and conducted in a safe private environment. It costs far less than divorce litigation and takes far less time. I am confident that I can successfully guide you through this most difficult time in your lives.

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